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    My husband loves his MP3/video player, but it's getting old. Additionally, he's been on a basic GoPhone plan for over a year and I think it's just time to move to a contract service so he has more minutes. I would like to find him phone that will combine his mp3/video player needs with is cell needs. These are the criteria:

    - has enough built in storage or expansion card capabilities to store his music and videos (ideally I would like him to have 16 gigs).
    - The video playback needs to be smooth and good.
    - The phone still needs to have excellent talk time/battery life.
    - The phone clarity for both people on the call needs to be very good.
    - We don't want to get a data access plan or anything special, he still just needs a simple base voice access plan.
    - It would be nice if it had a decent camera on it so he could take pictures of our son, but it's not necessary.
    - A nice addition, but not a must would be if the phone had wifi access so when he's at home, work, airports, he can get on the net. But again we don't want unnecessary data access charges.

    There may not be a product out there like this, but if there is, I have no doubt this community knows about it. Your help is truly appreciated. My husband is a great, caring man and I would really like to get him this for father's day.

    Thank you

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