First of all, hello to all my fellow CPF users. As you'll see from my membership status I am a genunie newbie, so here's to a long and prosperous life of CPF posting!

I am here because I wanted to tell you all about Touchscreen Fones, a new blog based site dedicated to providing news, reviews and product information regarding touchscreen phones and related technology.
The site is only about two months old and is still under development but we have already generated a lot of interest, had some great feedback and gathered a small but loyal following who visit regularly to check out the news, offers/deals and competitions.

At the moment on the site you'll also find a simple forum and a chat area and we are currently working hard to provide a store where you can buy or peruse accessories for your beautiful, shiny phones.
To keep up to date with posts you can subscribe to our RSS and Email feeds and follow us on Twitter.

As I mentioned, the site is still very much under continual development but the overall aim of the is to provide a resource for those of you who want to keep abreast of the amazing technological innovation that is the touchscreen phone and to make some friends within this community.
So please, drop by today and have a browse, feel free to send us any constructive feedback via the contact form or leave a comment on any of the posts, we very much look forward to hearing from you!

Many thanks

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