Where can I get a pin online and have it emailed and not have to call to confirm anything? I just want to enter it in my phone through the menu!

If anyone knows I'd appreciate it. My boyfriend got hurt at work last night and can't see except a little bit out of one eye - so I can't email him and would like to call him!!! (And I don't have a car either.)

I thought it would be real easy to go online, purchase a tracfone card, get the pin, and put it in my phone. Not so. I couldn't order from the tracfone website cause it say my account number was already registered and I think my daughter put a different password in. So I searched around, went to penzoo or pinzoo or whatever, and AFTER I purchased they said I had to call from a phone to confirm. Well, I'm buying minutes because I don't have minutes so I can't confirm. Fortunately, they said they canceled the order without hassle through their online chat (although I haven't seen the charge back yet on my card.) So, if they do in fact process the chargeback, I have to commend them on that. And it seems other websites require the same thing, I'm guessing they're all affiliate programs linked together.

Thanks for any help!!

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