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    The fastest download speed for data and voice calling available for GSM cell carriers. Not all GSM carrires have complete coverage in 3g speeds and the frequency can vary from carrier to carrier. Generally phone calls will "sound" better and websurfing will be much quicker with a 3G signal. T molbile just went 3G in NYC with their frequency. AT&T has a lot of 3G coverage in most urban areas and has been working hard to expand it and upgrade it with higher uplink speeds to. Which helps with Video calling and live video feed to the web.

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    Re: What is 3G on cell phones?

    Third generation wireless employ wideband frequency carriers and a CDMA air interface. Networks must be able to transmit wireless data at 144 kilobits per second at mobile user speeds. Implemented in Europe as UMTS and CDMA2000 in North America, its goals are high-quality multimedia and advanced global roaming

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