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    Cell Phone
    Sanyo Katana-LX Graphite
    Sprint PCS
    UPDATE: OK i was going to post pictures of my phone screen, but it wont let me post links.

    If you want to see pictures, email me
    coolcatmare333 @ yahoo. com

    yesterday i was just holding my phone and randomly the screen went crazy. Like half of it is white, and theres 2 black splotches, and some blue and red pixel clusters, and a ton of multi-colored lines. I can see the screen a tiny bit still, enough to tell that its all working just fine (menu and stuff) but i cant see what im doing at all! I went to a sprint store but the guy was very rude and barked at me "get a new phone." and a different employee said i have to take it to a manufacturers store.. the closet one is 2 hours away. ANY BODY KNOW WHATS WRONG WITH IT????

    i actually was planning on getting a new phone at the end of this month (I would have to pay full price, seeing as how i'm stuck in a contract and it hasnt even been a year.) but i dont just want to get a new phone and leave mine the way it is, because i NEED my contacts and such. my whole life is on this phone.

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    Re: tech help! my phone screen went wack!

    do you keep your phone in you pocket?
    has it had any significant pressure on it, etc?

    I've had a phone [flip phone as well] do the same thing after I tripped and fell on it crushing the screen a bit. Everything else worked just fine, I just had the screwy screen.
    There is no way to fix it really so your best bet is to just get a new one.

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