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    dear friend around the world:

    how are you doing? this is alan roc, i was born in beijing of china and living and study in usa before. so i want write this forum is that make you to pay attention to that it so many fake company website register on trade website around the world and so many fake company in china.

    you know do as a chinese people ,i donnot want to say that ,but it really make me feel very upset and unfair for good business people in china.

    you know. we also do iphone and any kinds of cell phone business,but two of my foreign clinet (it my good friend now) i donnot know whether is my lucky to meet him and just so bad for them. why i say that? let me explain to you.

    you know the two people that one from austrilia ,one from turkey. the purpose of they go to china is to buy iphone and any kinds of cell phone due to he see some cell phone company website on trade web before. but when he go to china, it nothing,just fake company. they spend a lot of money for travelling,but nothing. it so bad that his client also wait he reply to do big business.

    it chemstry that they look for me on internet due to we not only do cell phone busness in beijing but also offer china assistant and interpreter service. you know it also chemistry to meet every friend around the world due to the world is so big but human life is so limit. i am very angry to hearing that why so many cheater in china. you know we also cheated by nigeria frauder to lose big business before , i also have same feeling.

    on the other hand, it very unfair for good business people. you know it so many foreign friend want do business with china business man ,but most of them all was cheated by china cheater. when you talk to them, they will not believe you again even though you are good business people .i think many good china business have same feeling like me. but why we not to reunion to against frauder. donnot just make a lot of foreigner to say, chinese people is cheater? in order to increase our client. why we just lose clinet due to so many cheater in china ,but we do nothing. by the way, i also want to ask all of cheater around the world, do you know you can be happy forever? do you think the people feeling who was cheated by your action? do you think how many people you can cheat altogether? actually it so sad. you not can have good result, finally is you go to jail just need time waitting.

    anyway i just write my feeling here, if you need my help in china,please contact to me right away.

    we can offer you china assistant and interpreter service that help you look for good supplier in china and help you negotiation with factory directly in order to give you the cheaper factory price and also can show you around do you interpreter if you go to china.

    wish we can do business and make friend in futher.

    wish you can have good wonderful trip in china..

    look forward to hearing from you


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    Re: ALAN Cheater! please pay attention to it That I know many

    Text automatically translated from: Italian to: English
    I can not believe this guy has the face to Alan Roc write this on the blog of this web site Serious!

    I had a bad experience in the biz. with him (roccellelectronic.com) and he still owns me € 250.00 after 1 year Already! Completely and now he disappeared with no more contact or message!

    I tell you this is a professional cheater and follows international patterns in specific to finally rip you off with no possibility.
    Alan, I would really love to visit you in China to refresh your memory ...

    And he always talks bout to long-lasting partnership - but all he wants is to take your money badly and with no product or service promised in exchange.
    I can test this to anybody but please follow my advice Asking:

    I just could not believe my eyes when i read His post here, it's the opposite exsactly on my experience! I Had to let you know.

    Alan i still want my money back !!!!!!!!!!
    I'll Never Forget

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