I have an interesting situation. I currently have Sprint, and will most probably be cancelling it by the end of the month. I have found a service called SecondVoice that will let me port my Sprint number into it, and when someone calls my Sprint phone, it will automatically forward that to my cell number. It's a pretty cool service, it will just use my current provider's minutes when I get a call. I can even choose, on outoing calls, which number I want to call from.

However, SecondVoice does not support texting. So, I can not receive texts on my 2ndVoice phone number (even though I can receive phone calls.) My concern is that many will try to call/text my Sprint number, even those I dont' have contact for, and when they do, I won't get it.

Is there a way that I can set up an automatic forwarding for text messages to another phone? And, if I can, what about for a service that is cancelled, like my Sprint (to be?)


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