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    I have a china mobile V2 watch mobile, I desperately need the user manual and a usb driver . I am having a major problem connecting the phone to my pc. I have tried both xp and vista,

    Can someone please send me both via email
    Thankyou so much
    Best Regards

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    Re: china mobile V2 watch mobile

    Hey Paul,

    Sorry to hear about this problem. Usually the V2 doesn't need any special software to connect with XP. Have you tried connecting it to another computer or requesting a new cable from the vendor? Sometimes we find that the phones are the fine, but the accessories have problems.

    If you need more help related to you're welcome to contact us and I'll do my best to help you out.


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    Re: china mobile V2 watch mobile


    If you contact flying-penguin.co.uk they will sort you out with spare parts and possibly repairs.
    Flying Penguin:

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    Re: china mobile V2 watch mobile

    OK. I made this post seperate from other posts since they were messy and because this will have a lot more explaination than the instructions manual for installing the drivers which comes with the CD.

    This is for Windows XP Pro only since this is the OS I'm using and even if I can explain the other ones, it won't be as detailed so if you use other OS systems other than Windows XP, you'll have to refer to the manual on the CD. Also, I did this using LG U8120. I'm sure the some other watch phones will work in a similar way but if this does not help, again, please refer to the manual on the CD.

    Step 1.
    Put in CD.

    Step 2.
    The CD will automatically run. If not, go to My Computer, open up the CD and run LGInstaller.exe.

    Step 3.
    Click on Install Phone Manager.

    Step 4.
    Once Phone Manager is installed (Media Player is also installed simultaneously), you may install PC Sync if you want but I find that useless. At least for me. Otherwise, connect the data cable to your phone and then to your computer USB port. I should be USB and not the other kind which uses pins. If so, you should consult with 3 and ask for help on that since the manual does not provide info on that nor do I have any knowledge on how to use that (Sorry cheekeeAngel and any others).

    Step 5.
    Once your phone and computer are connected to each other, intallation screens should appear. There are 5 installations that you need to do (At least I had 5).

    The first is this.

    Make sure the Install the software automatically (Recommended) is checked and then press OK. Windows XP will display a warning.

    Click on Continue Anyway. This is what I call the 'Golden Rule' because of how lousy Windows XP really can be.
    Once the installation is finished, wait a bit and the next one will pop up.

    The warning will pop up for all of the 5 installations so follow the 'Golden Rule' and it will be fine.

    Step 6.
    Once you have installed the 5 drivers, you may run Phone Manager.

    Step 7.
    Select Contents and the exploring windows will appear. The reason why you select Contents before you connect is because the screens will load quicker than if you were to connect first then go into Contents.

    Step 8.
    Select Transfer from the top menu bar and then select Set COM Port....

    Step 9.
    For the COM Port:, select the COMX with the * next to it (X being a number from 3 to 256). For example, for me, it's COM5 *. Usually, the Phone Manager will automatically do it already. Make sure USB is check. By default, Phone Manager will also have that checked automatically. Click on OK.

    You have to do this when you run Phone Manager the first time to set the COM Port. After that, you won't have to do this anymore given that the next time you connect is with the same phone.

    If you connect a new phone to the computer, you'll have to reinstall the 5 drivers again for this new phone. Also, when you use Phone Manager, you'll have to set the COM Port again but this time, it's for this phone. That means, when you Switch-Back to the other phone, you'll have to set the COM Port again for that phone.

    Step 10.
    Once the COM Port is set, go back to Transfer and this time, select Connect.

    Step 11.
    The screen will show the connecting message.

    Step 12.
    In the middle exploring column, expand the LG Phone folder and reveal three folders, Audios, Images, Videos. Then you can expand the folders of wherever your items are. For example, mine is in WhiteDeath's Documents > Mobile > Audio.

    Step 13.
    For this example, I shall explain how to transfer audio files onto the phone. To transfer images or videos, it's the exact concept but you put it into the other folders.

    Highlight the files you want to copy and drag them into the Audios folder in the LG Phone folder. Let it send over and you're done. Similarly, you can highlight what you want > Right-Click > Copy, go to the folder and Paste.

    You can do the reverse way (Copying files from phone to computer) by doing the exact same thing but of course, you copy the things on the phone, then paste them onto your computer or drag them onto your computer.

    Well, I hope this has helped and been explained better. With luck, everything should work perfectly.

    genuspython, dudettekirst and lil waz, I don't know what's wrong with yours but it should have worked fine. Try re-installing Phone Manager and the drivers again.

    My Computer > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Uninstall Phone Manager.

    My Computer > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Ports (COM and LPT) > Uninstall all the ports except for main ports such as Printer ports (You'll know by the word printer in it) or such.

    Then try following the instructions again. Hopefully, it will work properly now.
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