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    I have recently moved to Arkansas, while my family is in Phoenix, Arizona. They will be joining me soon, but till then I have to be in touch with them. Calling is the best way to communicate and I do so several times in a day. I have never used a prepaid phone service before as I had a long distance phone service back in Phoenix. Here to I have arranged for the same…..but it may be a while before it is activated. I would like to use a prepaid phone card till then. Any ideas about a good prepaid phone card?

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    Re: Pre-paid Calling Card

    There are tens of prepaid cards available today. This really makes it difficult to choose one amongst them as all come with an array of tariff plans and services. But I have heard of Talkloop of late. More and more people are opting for this card as it is a wonderful card with economical call charges, wide network, no monthly or service charges, and a host of other features. Check it out at

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