I'm currently with T-Mobile and my contract is set to expire this October. I'll be eligible for their family loyalty plan in August. I've been very content with their service. I wouldn't think of changing except for the fact that my daughter is at that age where she's really starting to use a cell. I got her a pay as you go phone with Tmobile for her first phone just to make sure she could handle having one. I'm thinking though that when my contract is up it will be time to add her to my monthly plan. Ideally I'd like both of us to have unlimited talk, text and web. I'm currently using an unlocked BlackJack II and will continue using some form of smartphone. My only demands are a phone that uses ActiveSync and supports MicroSD via hot swap. She wants a dual slider with QWERTY. Here's what I've come up with for providers in my area (Dallas.)

Verizon $249.98
Boost $100.00
Sprint $189.98
MetroPCS $100
VirginMobile $139.98 (only 50MB data-they dont offer unlimited data)
VirginMobile (Helio) $198
Tmobile $144.93 (with loyalty plan)
AT&T $239.99

Metro and Boost are the obvious choices financially but the phones suck and I rarely read good things about the service. I'm really not interested in dropping $200 monthly so I looked into plans that did not have unlimited talk. Here's what I found:

Helio 1000min each $170
Boost Unlimited min $100
MetroPCS Unlimited min $100
Sprint 1500min $99.99
Verizon 1400min $139.99
Tmobile Unlimitted min $144.93
AT&T 1400min (w/Rollover) $129.99

Taking Boost/Metro out of the equation due to the aforementioned reasons Sprint seems like the best option here. So I guess my questions are...

Am I leaving a provider out that can give me what I'm looking for at a halfway decent price? Has anyone had good experiences with Boost/MetroPCS service? Has anyone used an unlocked phone with either Boost or Metro? I'm thinking of going Sprint but not sure if 1500 min. is going to cut it or not.

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