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    The following is a short list of software you can use to get pictures or other media from your phone to your computer.

    If you have a Verizon phone: Welcome to BitPim

    If you have a GSM Motorola Phone: Motorola Phone Tools - Motorola

    If you have a Windows Mobile Phone: Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 (for XP) (for Vista)

    If your phone has a microSD card (or other form of removable media), make sure the data you want to move to your computer is saved to the card, get a card reader (usually a usb device) and put it in your computer. Navigate to the folder that has the data in it and move to your computer.

    Please add to this list if you have some other common software.

    See More: Software for transferring pictures from cell phone to pc

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    Re: Software for transferring pictures from cell phone to pc

    Sony Ericsson PC Data Suite
    Sony PC Suite 5.009.00

    Good idea for a forum post, this one should be stickied!

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