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    Re: Is it bad to give out your IMEI number?

    ohh thanks for your information .....it is really useful....

    See More: Is it bad to give out your IMEI number?

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    Re: Is it bad to give out your IMEI number?

    Yeah you are right . Leaking out IMEI number is very dangerous so be carefull every one thanks !
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    Re: Is it bad to give out your IMEI number?

    Quote Originally Posted by sim-unlock.net View Post
    If some clone Your simcard can cheat you for a lot of money. But to clone sim card cheater must have it in his hand.

    So one more after gIveing IMEI number to eg codes seller nothing can happen.

    Cloning of simcards hasn't been possible for a long time. I do not know of any provider still using the old simcard types (v1).
    To provide some perspective simcards from before 2002 were v1 and 'clonable' after that they just aren't.

    So don't scare people with old data.

    Sharing your IMEI in public isn't a good idea still but the chances something bad happens with it is not very big.

    This is the most plausible situation:

    1. you share your IMEI
    2. a bad person with a stolen phone (or insurance fraud) finds your IMEI online
    3. he changes IMEI on his phone to your IMEI
    4. If (and only IF) you and he are using both phones on the same network problems will arise. Your network might contact you about this and in extreme cases close your account or something

    Now the movie extra's
    5. some very bad terrorist wanting to blow up the world took YOUR IMEI and is now using it
    6. CIA tracks his IMEI somehow and looks up info from person registered to this IMEI/phone, that happens to be YOU
    7. CIA will take you out of bed and kill your family
    8. you want revenge and convert yourself in a revenge super hero
    9. you kick some butt
    10. find a new very hot check, at first you don't want her because your dead wife
    11. in the end you still do end up with the hot women
    12. happy after all...
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    Re: Is it bad to give out your IMEI number?

    Man you have no idea how you helped me and make me understand not give it to anyone even someone said he I just want it to see if everything clear I was seeing my phone and I don't even know what this tell the one who wants my phone send me message asked me to give him the imei I said I want to Google it first see if it's fine I played smart on him Im so glad I went to this website and I saw what you wright thank you very much

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    Re: Is it bad to give out your IMEI number?

    Fully agree with this. The IMEI is just like the Vin number on your car so its not good to give it out with a blind eye.

    Quote Originally Posted by tavenger5 View Post
    In short - YES. Depending on how you're giving your IMEI number out, it is bad. Your IMEI number is your phones identification number. It is specific to your phone. It's kind of like your phones social security number. In the wrong hands, someone could steal your phones identity, leaving you with a large phone bill to pay.

    Picture this scenario: You post your IMEI number on a website looking for an unlock code. Several months go by and you get a phone bill for $3,000 and details of calls that you've never made. Someone has cloned your phone and has been using your account, unknowingly to you. Phone cloning is illegal, but that doesn't mean it can't be done.

    Another less serious scenario: Someone (possibly someone that knows and has something against you) reports your phone lost or stolen posing as the finder of the phone, and you are then unable to use your phone until you call your provider and explain.

    What if someone is selling a known stolen phone on ebay and they give the buyer your IMEI, which of course is not stolen. The seller of the stolen phone just made a sale with your help.

    Now, do not confuse this with giving your IMEI to a legitimate unlocking service. You should read the service's privacy policy for what they do with IMEI or ESN information. Legitimate services will not store or use this information for anything.

    So, mind what you do with any information on the internet. There is always someone out there that could use it against you.

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    Re: Is it bad to give out your IMEI number?

    Yes this topic helps alot about the IMEI info but one thing is a bit confusing that if someone can ask to block certain IMEI which is not actually his/her own. I think the blocking company should must be asking about the package contents (Phone Box) to identify if the asking person is a Genuine owner.
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    Re: Is it bad to give out your IMEI number?

    Don't i think that its really bad to give your IMEI number.

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    Re: Is it bad to give out your IMEI number?

    Yes it is!

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    Re: Is it bad to give out your IMEI number?

    About one month ago, I gave IMEI number of iPHone of one of my relative to one vendor to unlock it. I should be more careful.
    Thanks for sharing these good info.

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    Re: Is it bad to give out your IMEI number?

    yup i agree with you.

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