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    Re: Is it bad to give out your IMEI number?

    Yes it is, every infomartion about your phone must not given to others. Because it may be use against you. Your just like giving your password to others.

    See More: Is it bad to give out your IMEI number?

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    Re: Is it bad to give out your IMEI number?

    It is a stupid thing to share your IMEI with someone.. It can cause you more trouble than you can know.

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    Re: Is it bad to give out your IMEI number?

    Quote Originally Posted by tavenger5 View Post
    In short - YES. Depending on how you're giving your IMEI number out, it is bad. Your IMEI number is your phones identification number. It is specific to your phone. It's kind of like your phones social security number. In the wrong hands, someone could steal your phones identity, leaving you with a large phone bill to pay.

    Picture this scenario: You post your IMEI number on a website looking for an unlock code. Several months go by and you get a phone bill for $3,000 and details of calls that you've never made. Someone has cloned your phone and has been using your account, unknowingly to you. Phone cloning is illegal, but that doesn't mean it can't be done.

    Another less serious scenario: Someone (possibly someone that knows and has something against you) reports your phone lost or stolen posing as the finder of the phone, and you are then unable to use your phone until you call your provider and explain.

    What if someone is selling a known stolen phone on ebay and they give the buyer your IMEI, which of course is not stolen. The seller of the stolen phone just made a sale with your help.

    Now, do not confuse this with giving your IMEI to a legitimate unlocking service. You should read the service's privacy policy for what they do with IMEI or ESN information. Legitimate services will not store or use this information for anything.

    So, mind what you do with any information on the internet. There is always someone out there that could use it against you.

    So you are saying that simply having someone's else's IMEI they can charge calls to your account without a SIM that is linked to that account? I understood that it was the SIM card that tied the phone to your account and while the carrier has your IMEI, which they can use to blacklist your phone or block it if you have an overdue account it is not what is used to authorize charges.
    If I sell my phone and don't tell my carrier and someone puts in there own sim card in that phone the charges will go to whatever account that sim card is tied to. If as you say the IMEI is what is tied to my account then all the charges by the new owner would still go back to my account, so I don't understand how someone stealing and cloning my IMEI would result in charges going to my account instead of the account that the SIM card they are using is tied to?
    Would really appreciate hearing how an IMEI could result in fraudulent charges to my account without a sim card being linked to that account as I may not sell my used phones anymore.
    I sure don't profess to understand all of this so again would appreciate your explanation how an IMEI can be used to charge calls to my account.
    Thank you

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    Re: Is it bad to give out your IMEI number?

    Not really that bad

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    Re: Is it bad to give out your IMEI number?

    Its not a big problem I guess.

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