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    Top 5 Most Wanted Cell Phone Features

    by Eric Bernatchezfor About.com

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    Think any phone will do? What if you find out later that your friend's phone has something that yours doesn't. That's where The Top 5 most wanted cell phone features list helps: here are the features you are most likely to expect in your next phone.

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    1. Programmable Free Ringtones
    Most cell phones allow you to get new ringtones, but not all of them let you do it for free.

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    .2. Strong Signal Reception
    Testing cell phones for signal strength is next to impossible since so many factors affect a phone's signal that one can never know for sure if it's the network, the phone or something else. But based on our user reports, you can have a good idea which phones are consistently giving better signal results.

    •Top 5 Cell Phones With the Best Signal Strength
    .3. Speakerphone
    In my humble opinion, a cell phone without a speakerphone is like a Ferrari with a Chevrolet Sprint motor. A good speakerphone is also a safety feature for road warriors and may even be necessary if your state restricts cell phone use while driving to hands-free systems only.

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    .4. A Small Weight & Size
    Small phones make a whole difference as they can seamlessly fit in your shirt's or pants' pocket and don't weight too much, for long conversations.

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    .5. A Good Voice Memo
    Thanks God, most phones have a voice memo system, but not all of them. And while shopping, make sure your phone also has a dedicated key (or a way to program one) to access the voice memo. As a bonus, some phones, like the Samsung e335, allow you to record a memo and email it to someone.

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    Re: new cell phone features

    hey hey hey, you know some cool features of nokia s40 fones?

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    Re: new cell phone features

    I'm not sure about any new features but I do know of some great location based service applicatoins that you should check out. Check out Cellfare as it works well on all platforms. I'm trying it now myself

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