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    Cell Phone
    Samsung Omnia i910
    Verizon Wireless
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    im looking at a XLink BT Cellular Bluetooth Gateway
    my thoughts are i can get rid of my landline, and add another cell line
    i dont use my landline at all, just an eergency number

    so its 9.99 for another line on my cell vs almost $30 a month for a landline

    has anyone done this?

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    Re: Cellular Bluetooth Gateway

    Yes, this the way to go! If anyone has good cell phone coverage at home, this little accessory can change your life and cut that landline bill out of your budget. You are right about the add-a-line price from wireless providers. So, whether you pay 30 for vonage, or 70 for verizon, this accessory and your cell phone company will save you money. You can buy this easily from PDACart.com. This site has taken the hassle out of knowing what accessories to get for your phones, especially smartphones.

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