Recently Ray Kurzweil, futurist, and author, was interviewed by Facebook. Below is what Ray said about cell phones...

What are the most interesting inventions you've come across recently, and what areas would you like to see more focus and development?
Mobile phones. The fact that half of the world's population has access to these devices that allow them to access all of human knowledge in a few keystrokes, to actually see it happen is amazing to me. The "have-have not divide" is dissolving. Fifteen years ago, only a wealthy person could have a mobile phone, and they didn't work very well. Today, 3 billion of them are out there and they are becoming increasingly intelligent.

Creative applications. I am impressed with the number of things we can increasingly do on these tiny little devices, cell phones. They do thousands of things. It's 50,000 apps for the iPhone. We have a cell phone that can capture print in 15 languages, speak it out loud and have synchronized highlighting, and translate from one language to another.

There are early prototypes of where I think computing is going. To make devices smaller and smaller, they are more and more convenient, but we actually don't want to look at a tiny screen. We'd like to actually have full immersion screens that we sort of live in. We are going to put these devices in our eyeglasses. We can just create a virtual screen that's large and hovering in air that's high resolution. Electronics will be just woven in your clothes or your belt buckle. The display will be augmented reality, and we'll be online all the time.

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