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    One of the biggest reasons I want a smart phone/PDA is because I have suffered a sports injury in my arms and find it really difficult to use a PC so I need an easy to use, light phone with Wifi is a must, also I have seen some iphone apps called MochaVNC, JaaduVNC and Teleport (and I think a program on Windows Mobile called Remote Touch) that allows you to connect to your PC remotely and control it via the phone and it displays whatever your PC screen shows onto your mobile phone screen and you touch it to use the mouse etc...

    I'm not sure which OS/Phone to go for as iphone looks easy to use and easy to setup but the screen is smaller and lower res than some Windows based phones. I cant afford an high end iphone but I dont need internet everywhere just on wifi at home, so does having a non 3G model make wifi slower at all? (as the iphone app uses wifi to control your PC).

    So basically what is better for this: Windows mobile or iphone based on these factors?

    * Wifi a MUST
    * Best "Remote Control PC" app/software
    * Easy to use (software and ergonomic wise)
    * Lightwieght

    Also does anyone know if those amazing offers to get free PS3's, TV's etc... with contracts are valid if you an existing customer as I am with o2 and need to stay with o2?


    Mocha VNV video: YouTube - Mocha VNC Lite (iPhone and iPod touch)
    Windows Mobile video: YouTube - Using Remote Touch: Remote Control PC with Windows Mobile phone

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    Re: Phone help: Windows mobile or iphone

    Based on the listed requirements, I think you're far better off giong with an iPhone. The only possible advantage a WinMo device may offer (if at all) is some standard replication of your PC screen, but you seem to indicate that iPhone apps can do the same, so for user interface, light weight, apps selection, easy setup, go with the iPhone.

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    Re: Phone help: Windows mobile or iphone

    go with win mo

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    Re: Phone help: Windows mobile or iphone

    its tough, i debate with this topic myself

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