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    Acer is renaming some of it's smartphones that will be hitting the UK next week.
    The Acer F1 will be renamed to Acer neoTouch, Acer C1 will be renamed to Acer beTouch E100, Acer E1 will be renamed to Acer beTouch E101 and Acer L1 will be renamed to Acer beTouch E200. All said handsets will have Windows Mobile 6.5.

    Price for the beTouch E101 without 3G will be between €200 and €370 for the neoTouch.

    via: Acer renaming its smartphones: neoTouch, beTouch E100, beTouch E101 and beTouch E200 Unwired View

    See More: Acer renaming it's smartphones for the UK
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