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    hi, guys, i'm the proud owner of a L7i for the last 3 years and its till working fine, but, time changes and i have more needs, so i was thinking in buying a new phone, but surely need help. specifically i want the following in my soon to be new cellphone:

    Things that i really want in a cellphone

    -Camera/video: im really a fan of recording things and my current phone just lack o camera quality
    -battery life: i dont want to be charging my phone every day
    -phone durability: like i said, my current phone have spend 3 years with me, i just hope my next one does for at least 2.
    user friendly: i don't want a phone only for people with and IQ of 200, or one that takes me 8 steps to check my text messages.
    -WiFi: just want it.
    -Applications: here is where i really need help. you see i'm a college student (hotel administration) and i really felt in love with and application that the iphone has, is kind it like recipes for drinks, which is really useful for me, i was hoping other cellphones can do that but i'm not sure.
    -Bluetooth: for wireless pc conection

    Thing that i really dont mind in a cellphone:
    3G: cant afford to pay the same service in a phone, i prefer to check my emails in a pc.
    music: i have an ipod so i dont really mind.

    ok so that it, any opinion will be highly appreciated, please suggest a brand and model. thanks in advance.

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