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    I'm thinking of purchasing a phone from a chinese wholesaler, and the phone is a CDMA phone. Will I be able to flash the phone to metropcs service?

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    Re: Flashing a Chinese phone

    So I know this isn't the feedback you were hoping for, but...

    Because I can't find any posts or information like ANYWHERE on the internet about Chinese CDMA's, I was hoping you maybe you bought one and could tell me what you thought; your experience. Was it legit? Any good?

    I'm looking for a CDMA smartphone to flash to Cricket myself. It seems like the only thing with wifi, games, dualsim, etc. that I can find is from China, but like I said, there is very little info on them. All the reviews seem to be phony, either written buy American industry insiders bashing them or Chinese salespeople promising the world about them. And there are so many vendors, I don't know which ones are scams and which aren't (a "top-rated seller" on e-bay wouldn't stake his/her reputation to make a quick buck on People's Republic Chi-phones, right?).

    But I digress. I hope you found what you were looking for. If you could share your experience or lead me in the right direction, I would be GREATLY appreciative.

    Tom. Tucson.

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    Re: Flashing a Chinese phone

    I have no idea about it. May be youo can try ebay!

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