Howdy all!

I am an American living in Chengdu, China. My current cell phone is a cheap ZTE that doesn't even have a camera. Now that I have been here for awhile, I need a new phone...not just a phone...a phone, message system, English/Chinese full text translator, a GPS navigation system...

This is what I carry around with me everyday...

A phone
A pocket translator
Multiple maps
A pocket PC

This is getting old...I want an "all-in-one" solution

This is what I THINK I want..

A smart phone with...
A full QWERTY keyboard ( can be on a touch screen or a physical keyboard)
Handwriting capable screen
Windows Mobile OS
Full Text Recognition Software
Chinese English Translation Software
GPS equipped..not by cell tower SiRF Satellite Linking
GPS Software that will accept Google Maps

I have no idea what phone to in China, you buy whatever phone you want and then buy a SIM card from your service provider.

I would like as large a screen as possible, long battery life, massive storage, fast processor

I have no idea what software to buy...

There seems to be so many choices of phones, software, etc. that it almost impossible for me to match up the phone capabilities with the software choices vs. the software capabilities with the phone choices.

Help me out here, folks...I need some suggestions....and if any one has any ideas about my choices/wish list above, please comment on that as well...


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