so, what do you use GV for?

I use Google Voice for personal life and business. I get ALOT out of Google Voice...

Here's a few uses i can think off the top of my head.

1. A new phone number with a different area code than the one I live in. Just cool to have. This was the main reason why i got GV in the first place. I needed a separate phone number for business but didnt want to pay for it, and having a different area code just made it all the more fun. I should also note, that where i live, if you drive 20 minutes in any direction, you will hit a new area code, so in the Bay Area, having an area code of the exact place you live in is not THAT critical.

2. Manage/block callers. I love being able to block a caller all together and its quite funny when someone says, "hey i called you, but it said your number is disconnected..." lol. And to be able to send callers directly to voicemail is awesome!

3. Recorded voicemail that I can listen to anywhere that has internet connection, as well as email/download the file.

4. Call Presentation. I love having the option to force blocked callers to say their name before they can connect to me.

5. SMS messaging. I love texting directly from my computer, makes it feel like instant messenger. Also, with Boost Mobile, the iDEN network relies soley on MMS for texting, which for some can be a bit slow. With SMS messaging for free, coupled with SMS forwarding to my cell phone email address, i can get free SMS texts right away.

6. Call recording. Being in business, there's always an important conversation or conference call, and many times I need to record it for future reference or to play it back to associates of mine. My cell phone has a recording feature, but is limited to the amount of memory on the phone. I love having a virtually unlimited record time, and on top of that, saves automatically online to my GV account so i can listen to it anywhere and email/download it as i choose.

7. Contact Groups. Again, being able to separate business and personal life on the same phone number makes things so much easier. I have a business group that listens to one Voicemail, and my friends and family that listens to another. And I can change settings per group or per individual as i want to.

Or if i want to have certain callers go right to voicemail, i can, and not have to press ignore/reject on my phone everytime they call! So convenient!!!

And being able to choose which callers or which groups ring which phone. Business - office and cell. Friends and family - all phones. How nice!

8. Referencing and Organizing. I love how Google Voice saves EVERYTHING. if someone called me, i placed a call, missed a call, text conversations, voicemails, etc... there is copy of EVERYTHING, and GV easily organizes it, which makes very useful especially in business... and being able to search anything in my Google Voice, for instance, anything having to do with the contact of John Smith, and easily see everything in your GV that is related to that search. i never have to delete anything, just archive and search!!! very handy!!!

9. Sharing. As said above, being able to download and email voicemails and recordings (and pretty much whatever) is very convenient especially dealing with associates who need information right away, and want it from the source.

10. Contacts. My last phone had 999 contacts available... i ran out of space... i love having an unlimited amount of contacts that i could put as many phone numbers, email addresses, and any other information i need to store about them right into my Google Voice.

11. Convenient calling. I make on average about 250-300 calls a day. to be able to make a contact group and just go down the line of contacts that i need to call and click on "call" is so much more convenient than having to go through my little phone screen and call them each individually. i just put my phone on speakerphone in front of me, or put on my bluetooth, and multi task while the phone is dialing and i can get stuff done quicker. for instance, i can switch back and forth between two internet browser tabs with GV. one browser to make calls, the other with the SMS section open, so i can go back and forth between making calls and sending messages as i want to and doing so with ease. its much more convenient and faster.

12. Lastly, the fact that I can technically "be" in more place than one. Having up to six phone lines tied to one phone number means i dont have to worry if i left my cell phone at the office or whatnot. plus, i love being able to switch from one phone to another phone during a conversation instead of having to hang up, and reconnect with the caller from a different phone. when i pick up from my office number, but have to head out, i just press * and connect to my cell phone and be on my way; and the best part is the caller on the other end had no idea i switched phones

you can tell i'm getting the most value out of GV; maybe even more so than the average person. but ppl who say GV is usless just got it mixed up. GV isnt useless, they just dont have any use for GV...

i give everyone my Google Voice number - friends, family, associates, new acquaintances, etc. It makes it so much easier to manage everyone/everything with Google Voice, everyone that calls me might as well have my number.

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