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No need to go out, do it from home. Simply enter and unlock and your phone is unlocked to use on any gsm network

Blackberry (Cingular, T-Mobile USA, Rogers,Verizon,) (3 minutes - 2 hours)
Blackberry UK (Vodafone UK, Orange UK, 02, Orange France, SFR etc)
Telus (instant)
Bell (instant)
Cingular/at&t: (1-2 hrs Mon- Fri, weekend 24 hrs)
T-mobile USA: (under 24 hrs)
Rogers/Fido: (15 minutes-24 hrs)
Vodafone UK: (24-48 hrs)
3g UK: (3-7 days)
T-mobile UK: (24-48hrs)
Orange France: (24 hrs)
Bouygues France: (24-48 hrs)
Vodafone Australia

Manufacturer Methods:

Motorola: (24-48 hrs)
Samsung: (24-48 hrs)
Siemens: (24-48 hrs)
HTC: (Instant)
Instant Blackberry (2 minutes)
Blackberry: (up to 2 weeks, submission every other Wednesday)
Sidekick: (up to 2 weeks, submission every other Tuesday)

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