Hey guys

first off... i want to mention that i'm hearing impaired, so I'm looking around for a new phone because i'm finally getting "THE" loopset that nokia released after 7 years since my previous loopset. The new loopset called nokia loopset lps-5 and it got bluetooth compatible feature, YAY. So i can get other brand phone beside nokia as long it got bluetooth.

I have been using my current phone (nokia) which is also my first phone for over 7 years and it not even a colour cell phone. Finally, i'm getting a huge modern technology boost toward my phone status lol since a lot of my friends got typical iphones, blackberries, flips etc

so I was wondering if u guys can help me out with some options for my first colour, modern and bluetooth compatible phone.

I don't know about cell phones and hearing impaired together, but the need that i can think of is a keyboard so i can do instant msg on the phone and also easy to type because i'm a big guy, so i got big hands.

I can't of anything else because i'm not knowledgeable on what cell phone's features can benefit me and my hearing impaired.

Ask me questions so we can shorten the options of cell phone as we go by....

thanks guys

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