I need to send text messages from various computers to various cell
If the target phone is on Cricket’s network, I can use
mycricketDOTcom/send-text-message-online And other cell
service providers offer similar send-message pages on their sites. But
the AT&T site requires registering using an AT&T number.And the send-to-any-phone sites like txt2day Text Messaging - Send Free Text Messages to Any Provider of SMS Texting (I can't post URLs in this forum). or
onlinetextmessage Free Text Messaging - Send Free Text Messages, send the user to an advertisement
page in which you must insert a valid cell number to proceed.

So, is there a web-based send-to-any-provider site that doesn’t
require signing up for advertisements?

Or is there a list of provider e-address systems. For example Cricket
(10 digit phone number )@sms.mycricket.com like
[email protected]
And AT&T uses (10 digit phone number )@txt.att.net
Do all providers use a e-address system like the ones above?

Short Message Service =SMS
Multimedia Messaging Service = MMS


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