I'm currently trying to look at various cost effective options with regards to cell phones for myself, but particularly for family members on fixed incomes. I have decent knowledge with computers in general, but as far as "current" cell phones, I'm lacking in that area. I've known about VoIP, and to my knowledge its been around for years when using pc's, but with current cell phones I'm in the dark. I'm primarily concerned with options that lower a monthly mobile phone bill and/or reduce the minutes used per month, (which is used mainly for domestic local / long-distance calling, and text messaging within the United States) beyond just attempting to switch mobile phone service plans or cutting back minute usage.

My first question: Can you purchase a "modern" cell phone today that has the ability to connect to you're home Wi-Fi network which is running through a high-speed broadband internet connection, (provided you have correctly installed the VoIP software & have a compatible OS/browser loaded in the cell phone) and completely bypass a mobile cell phone service (i.e. not even have a mobile phone service) for savings.

Second question: Can you purchase a "modern" cell phone today that has the ability described above pluse has the ability/option (hardware and/or software wise) to switch automatically,manually, or preferably both to a mobile cell phone service when a Wi-Fi connection is unavailable or interrupted.

I would appreciate any advice on this topic, and any recommendations on cell phones, mobile service plans ( including SIM Cards), Wi-Fi connection types supported/needed, VoIP software, and guides if this type of option does exist.

Thank You,

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