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    You may have remembered talk about the Microsoft Zune/Pink long ago and although not much is new or happening, there are rumors flying that the Microsoft Zune/Pink will be soon be launched in the next couple of months.

    It's rumored that the Zune/Pink will show up at MWC 2010 in February or CTIA 2010 in March. This is coming from the technology analyst, Katherine Egbert of Jefferies via All Things Digital.

    The Microsoft Zune is said to have Windows 7, a 5MP phone with HD video recording and will have a music subscription/purchasing service. Although the Zune will have Windows 7, it's been said that it will be split into two separate Editions...Windows Phone Seven Business Edition and the Windows phone Seven Media Edition. Since the Zune has music integration, it's more than likely it will have the Media Edition.

    via: Microsoft Zune / Pink phone coming in two months, WM7 included? » Unwired View

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