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    Our business has been experiencing a substantial increase in the number of calls that are dropped when speaking with customers on cell phones. Doesn't happen with land based calls. Doesn't seem to matter which carrier the customer is using, although I would expect it more often from some carriers than others.

    Is there anything going in the world that would contribute to this? I've heard rumors that the cell companies haven't put much effort into improving their infrastructure to support the increase in cell phone usage and particularly the increase in data usage amongst cell users.

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    Re: Increase In Dropped Calls to Cell Phones

    This entire statement is false (maybe it's what you seem to see happen, but it really isn't "common").

    Yes, some wireless carriers have better coverage than others and some can provide better call quality and hold better voice and data connections than others.

    Larger carriers, like AT&T and Verizon, are more likely to have better reception and smaller carriers, like Metro or CriKet, are more likely to lose reception thus losing the call. It completely varies by the area. In my town, very few wireless carriers ever lose a call...no matter which company.

    Wireless carriers are definitely expanding their infrastructure...they have to in order to compete in the current market. Haven't you seen the "There's a map for that" commercials or the "Better 3G experience" commercials? They're competing all the time. Each tower on Verizon Wireless can hold about 2,000 calls (compared to 550 calls in 2001). Each AT&T tower can hold about 1,500 calls (compared to 750 in 2001). Carriers are constantly adding towers, Verizon Wireless puts over $5 Billion into their network annually. YES, they are definitely expanding and improving. 4G is coming soon, which is to bring another generation of wireless technology...technology of the future.

    I hope you're in the U.S.A. because all the references above are to U.S.A. carriers.
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    Re: Increase In Dropped Calls to Cell Phones

    Not sure what you are trying to say nicknrm. Are you saying what we have been seeing happening isn't really happening?

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