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    hey there,

    just wondering if anybody knows anything about getting someone to take over an existing contract? i'm on the bell network and JUST bought a blackberry tour...a MONTH or so before the iPhone came out! and i had been waiting for the iphone to come out on bell for a year or two, so i'm rather disappointed, to say the least

    i have some questions about if i were to find somebody to take over my existing contract:

    a) does it have to be somebody from my area code (604) or can whoever gets my contract change the phone # and area code?

    b) when i get somebody to take over my contract, does it actually get transfered over into their name, or will it remain in my name?

    c) once i find someone to take over my contract, can i sign up with my service provider again, under the same name, to get the benefit of the 3 year contract price for the iPhone 3GS?

    d) whoever takes over my contract, do we have to go into a bell store together to do the swap?

    please advise.

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    Re: know anything about finding someone to take over your contract?

    doesn't have to be from your area code and it will be under the new persons name, why else would they want another person to take over and leave it under your name?

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