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    A new handset, called Separate Keitai, is a very unique phone that breaks into two parts. Keitai in Japan actually means handset. The Separate Keitai, when broken into two parts can be used as a keyboard and the other as a display slate. A 3.4" touchscreen and 12.2MP camera, acceleration sensor, Blu-ray recorder connectivity, and an e-wallet function is available on one part of the Keitai while the other part contains a full numeric QWERTY keyboard that also has a geomagnetic and acceleration sensor.

    Bluetooth is available on the Separate Keitai and is held together by a magnet. The concept of this phone is to allow users to send and receive emails and messages while at the same time be talking on the phone. The handset allows users to be on a video call with the keyboard up next to their ears while having the display slate at a distance. When you attach the handset horizontally, the touchscreen is said to change into entry mode or display a virtual like game pad that will let you write emails to your friends, play games or even use it as a game controller.

    Battery life of the Keitai is said to last 2,000 hours of standby and 500 minutes of continuous talk.

    The phone is going for $660 as part of the NTT Docomo's winter deal and will be available in March or April.


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