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    Hey all, I am trying to get someone to take over my Bell contract, as I have a blackberry tour but want a 32Gig iphone 3GS (asking $150 because the phone is only 4 months old, is that too much $?) i was originally going to get rid of my current contract, and sign up for a new one on Bell to get the introductory iphone price, but i was checking out rogers, and for almost $4 cheaper on Rogers, i can get 100 more anytime minutes, and unlimited text/picture/video messaging.

    this is what i've worked out:

    Combo $50 for iPhone Plan Includes:
    150 anytime minutes
    LOCAL Fab Five (local? kind of bunk as the only reason i would want to use Fab Five would be for my long distance contacts)
    500MB data
    Unlimited evenings and weekends (except i would change it to extended 5pm-7am for +$7/month)
    25 long distance minutes +$5
    call display/message center +$12
    visual voicemail +$8
    2500 outgoing texts, unlimited incoming +$10
    Total monthly cost: $103.04 including taxes (and apparently iPhone on Bell doesn't have a system access fee?)
    the reason i would do all the add ons separately is because there isn't actually a bundle that includes all that

    iPhone $65 Plan:
    250 weekday minutes
    1G of data
    visual voicemail
    access to rogers wireless and fido hotspots
    iPhone Value Pack +$20 which includes:
    Call Display with Name Display
    Enhanced Voicemail
    Unlimited Text Messages
    Unlimited Picture/Video Messages
    Evenings starting at 6PM
    25 CDN long distance minutes +$5
    Total monthly cost: $100.80

    so with bell i would lose 100 minutes, and wouldn't be able to send unlimited picture & video messages. and as far as i can see, there isn't a feature available with bell that enables me to send unlimited pic/video messages, without coming with a bunch of other crap i wouldn't want.

    the icing on the cake is, the bell store in my town recently shut down, but we do have a rogers store. so it seems the clear choice would be to go with rogers. the ONLY thing i'm nervous about, is their service. does anybody know how bell and rogers compare to each other? does one tend to have more dropped calls than the other? does one tend to have better/more helpful customer service? is there REALLY any reason i should stay with bell?

    any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: iPhone: Rogers vs. Bell


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    Re: iPhone: Rogers vs. Bell

    wow, I thought Canadian carriers would be comparable to what US carriers offer. US seems to be the country with the cheapest telephony.

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