Ah, okay so I'm very wordy and suck at explaining but if ANYONE can help, I will be most gr ateful! This is SERIOUSLY stressing me out!!!

So my boyfriend lost his Tracfone last...march or april...(he's in jail right now)

Recently I got him a new phone and tried to transfer the old number to the new phone, because he really has his heart set on keeping his phone number. So I bought a new phone in January and called Tracfone and had them transfer it. (I had not activated this phone yet.) He said it was all good and everything should show up in an hour, and something went wrong I guess because I was never able to make a call.

After a few days, I called again and eventually was passed on to a supervisor. She informed me that something did go wrong and sent me a new sim card. When I got the sim card I called them to activate it (making it clear I wanted to keep the original account's phone number, and she told me it would be the same) and after an hour the phone worked, but with a completey DIFFERENT phone number.

So once AGAIN I called for assistance and after an hour of waiting she ends up telling me that the original number is unavailable. I know no one else has it because when I call it I get the same "the person you are trying to call is not accepting blah blah blah" message. When I put the original card that came with this phone in, the "this phone number" area still says my original phone number, could this be why they said it's unavailable? Because it's still linked to that sim card?

A couple of weeks ago I opted to e-mail (I thought I could explain the situation better by writing it) and once again I was sent a new f'n sim card. And I seriously think they just copied something out of one of their manuals instead of reading it and trying to help me because I asked different questions, and all I got back was "we will send you a new sim card" basically. This is SO FRUSTRATING!

Tonight I bought him a new tracfone. I have not done anything with that new sim card that they last sent me, and I'm not sure which action I should take now.

Is that new sim card they sent me linked to the original phone number that I wanted? Should I try to put it in the new phone? Or activate it or something?

I'm going to call them again tomorrow, but since they haven't been helpful at all I'm hoping to find someone who can help. Pretty much the most important thing is that he keeps his original phone number "at all costs" in his words lol. Any help would be great!

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