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    I wonder if there are any good all-in-one devices yet that could replace several other portable devices, such as laptop, cellphone, camera, mp3 player and e-book reader?

    In particular, are there devices that would have following functions:
    *A relatively large keyboard with separate number keys.
    *Cellphone (calling, SMS, etc.).
    *A hard drive (e.g. 60 or 120 GB).
    *Good photocamera (e.g. 5MP or more).
    *Ability to use non-cellphone operating systems, such as Windows XP (and, therefore, programs for such operating systems, e.g. MS Office, Media Player).
    *Relatively large screen.
    *USB link.

    Size is unimportant in general - of course it should be smaller than a typical laptop, but it could be in size of early cellphone models or that of cameras. If there are devices that doesn't include some functions I listed but include the major ones from the list, please write.

    I don't see reasons why there shouldn't be such a device as there are videocameras with hard drives for example, however I didn't seem to find information about such devices.

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    I'll clarify on size issue a bit - I mean, it still should be a "cellphone", that is, it should fit in a large pocket (although it could be much larger than typical today's cellphones) - I know that there is a possibility to use laptop for calling, texting, etc., but laptop or netbook would be incovenient to use as a cellphone, MP3 player or as a camera.

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    Re: A good cell-phone / laptop / camera all-in-one hybrid?

    Not sure if Laptop and Cell phone can be put in one device. I don't want dragging along a laptop when I jog.

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    Re: A good cell-phone / laptop / camera all-in-one hybrid?

    just get a netbook with a data plan and a voip client.

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