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    I'm moving to South America next month, and I'm looking for a phone that has a decent camera (5mp would probably suffice) and the ability to add an app for english-spanish translation. Since it is in South America, the phone must be gsm quad band. I'm looking at samsung behold's right now, but I'd like to ask around first. It should be noted id need the translator to work without data/net. Thanks for your time

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    Re: Need some expert advice...

    I am not going to suggest a specific phone, but I'll give you a heads up.

    Depending on which part of South America your going, CDMA is the most dominated technology in both North and South America...but it does vary from country to country.

    So you may want to find out about the specific place your going and if they have CDMA, look into a CDMA device too.
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