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    Hi Everyone,
    Newbie here, this will be my first post. I am looking for a cell phone with which I can jott handwriten notes and sometimes diagrams on. Pretty much like my Palm E2. I have tried to do some research on this but it seems no one advertises if this exsts.
    I have looked at phones that come with a stylus but it is still unclear to me if I can input notes and organize them into the phone as if I am writing notes on a pad. It doesn't have to convert my notes into text I just need something that will save what I write down as I wrote it. I don't want to text entry because soom of the notes will have diagrams.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


    See More: cell phone with notes app.

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    Re: cell phone with notes app.

    hi, you have options, the most obvious one being the iPhone, also I believe the nokia 5800 has something similar.

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    Re: cell phone with notes app.

    if you are interested in an application for Nokia 5800 that can create notes for you by using your voice you should check out this very innovative project:

    apparently I'm not allowed to enter links in the post, google "Mobilkompositör" and you'll find it.

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