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    Me and my fiancee are looking to buy cellphones under family plan for AT&T. I currently have had a tracfone for 5 years.

    I would like a touch screen, but nothing to fancy, so I am looking at getting the Samsung Solstice. My brother has the Samsung Eternity and loves it and I think Solstice is suppose to be the next version. Copy and paste site for specs:


    My fiancee just wants a simple flip phone, nothing fancy at all. She does not plan on texting or internet surfing unlike me. I am trying to make sure she gets a phone that is still decent though, so she is thinking about getting the Nokia 6350. Copy and paste site for specs:


    Are these good phones? We are not looking for nothing to expensive or too fancy and chocked full of stuff. Reviews seem to be good for these phones, just want some more opinions.


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    Re: Looking to buy first Cellphone, are these good?

    I would like to know how good the dual sim cell phones are?. what are advantages and disadvantages having a dual sim?

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    Re: Looking to buy first Cellphone, are these good?

    advantages and disadvantages aside, you really should just go for a phone you like right now. I am one to make planned out decisions but with as fast as cell phones are changing, moving quickly and with something you are happy with are the 2 biggest things going for which pone to get.

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    Re: Looking to buy first Cellphone, are these good?

    I think the Samsung phone is good, my first phone is a Bar Phone, but now my phone is a Slide Phone

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