Hi Guys I need help to select a cell phone for myself which has the best of following capabilities. Actually I have gone through detailed reviews of many mobile phones but I have some specific questions which can help me in picking up a right phone for myself.

I need a blazing fast cell phone which has large display ( at least 3.2 inches or larger) with best multimedia capabilities in terms of displaying best quality streaming youtube videos and even playing offline flv files ( a must). Other types of high quality video files should also be playable without stuttering. It should be having a MUST TV out. It should also be capable of heavy browsing without slowing down the phone and have excellent camera capabilities too.

Based on the requirements shown above, kindly suggest me the best phone capable of all these. I shall be greatly obliged for any help in this regard.

P.S Currently I own a Nokia N97 but its very slow.

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