My attention to mobile phones began from my second year in college. Some of the evaluation sites always attract me so well, and most of my friends and classmates like to turn to me for some suggestion before they decide to buy a new phone, maybe they think im a little bit more professional than themselves on mobiles or somthing else lol. I dont know but whatever i just like to talk about everything about mobile phones. So thats why i write this post, i just wanna take down my reviews about all the phones i have used and share some experience with some other mobile fans.Here it goes.

NOKIA 3310, my grandma's birthday present in 2001, she gave it to me as a present when i entered college in the year 2003,it became my first cell phone. It was said that the built-in game "Snake" was fun,Jesus i would like to play GameBoy than the stupid snake! Big enough, ugly enough,huge enough,anyway it was a disaster! I wish it would break or stolen or something but it still works well after falling down from my bed, it was even gone back to me by a "warm-hearted" guy after it was stolen some other day.Finally, there was one day, i dropped it to the water by accident,it was really an accident,not dropped on purpose,i swear!Unbelievable,it still works, but not well. Sometimes it shutdown automatically.Anyway, NOKIA 3310,my first "fabulous" cell phone has left me very deep memories.

MOTO E398, in the new beginning of my second year in college, i bought this popular king. The sound is very worth to mentio,very nice stereo. At that time i addict to playing on imobile day and night, fighting with a K700 fan. The rocker,motherboards and microphone of my frineds' E398 seems not very good to use, however,mine is ok. Dont know whats the problem or maybe i have better reputation. : ) MOTO E398 is quite a perfect mobile phone i should say. And i gave it to my anti at that summer vocation.

Sharp fans must know it GX32! I was satisfied with it in some ways. 1.0 pixel CDD with smart cover and beautiful screen, big jelly keyboard. Of course there are some inevitable flaw as a japanese machine, short stand-by time, typing cumbersome,bluetooth is not available, ring tones restrictions blar blar. Thats why i do not show my interest to japanese mobile any more. Heard that Sharp is about to lanunch new designed mainstream mobile in June. Still a great news to Sharp fans. You guys can be expecting lol.

S700, in the year 2004,S700 already had 2.3 inch QVGA, bluetooth,1.3m pixel CCD,video capture adn stunning two-sided design and bi-directional 180 rotation,talk about its defect, it was easy to get wear and tear and the system sometimes did not response very quickly. It was with me almost the entire of my third year in college and then i sent it to my mom. Now it is sleeping in the notion-counter at home, i think im going to renew and collect it.

To cellebrate my being an adult, i got another cell phone. The first time i saw it was in 007 Casino Royale.That Mrs Bond, who is exactly like Sophie Marceau,she was holding this perfect phone,its goddamn pretty! Except there is no cam on it. Beautiful and practical with milky cover, UIQ system, a good use QWE keyboard,stand-by is also very good! It can be told as a perfect mobile phone if the sunshine is not very strong, 'cuase its not very easy to watch clearly on screen under big sunshine. It is born for women i promise!

yesterday,i received this powerful mobile phone, so far so good, any good or bad news about it, ill be here time and again...

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