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    [SIZE="5"]hi everyone! new here- and pretty cell-phone illiterate.

    my 11 yr. old needs a plan for texts only(that she will pay for by herself!) i have been looking at the Wal-mart Smartphones, whose plans seem pretty cheap- but while online checking it out-one site said that there are text only plans for as little as $10/mo for these phones.

    cant find any additional info though- and we all know what its like to get the info inside an actual Walmart store.(at least any located near me!(lol)

    can anyone help? she def. cant do more than $25-$35/mo. and she texts ALOT!

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    Re: text message only pre-paid plan?

    The only smartphones I'm aware of that Wal-Mart carries are offered by Straight Talk, which is a partnership between Wal-Mart and TracFone. They don't offer a text-only plan, but their 'All You Need' (basic) plan is $30/month. Might be an option.

    My question is this: Why does your 11-year-old need a smartphone? And why text-only? I can think of any number of ways that a kid that age could find herself in a jam, and really need to use voice to get help. If I were going to get a phone for one of my kids (not yet, but soon), I'd be considering a TracFone or similar prepaid unit at the bottom of the price scale. Kids break things. Things get lost or stolen. Is she going to be OK with replacing a $300 smartphone? Or is she going to want you to do it?

    TracFone has what looks like a pretty decent deal on a Motorola W376g for $19.95, including a double-minutes-for-life bonus and free shipping. That sucker will send and receive texts all day long, and it won't break the bank in the process.

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