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    So, I've been researching phones over the past few days, and there are too many choices.

    HTC keeps pushing out new and improved devices every day, and I don't know when to settle in and buy one.

    So, right now I'm with Alltel. I live in NC, and I'll be moving to Clemson, SC in August. CDMA is the best coverage in these hilly, rural areas as far as I know. Right now I'm with Alltel, which is still alone in our area, not with Verizon.

    Unfortunately, Alltel has awful phones. So, I've been looking at my options.

    I love the HTC HD2, but I'm scared that coverage in my area is enough to keep me with a CDMA company. Is this smart?

    I also don't know about the battle between the HD2 and the Evo 4G. I like the looks of the HD2 better, but thats not near as important as performance, especially when one is running Android 2.1 and the other WM 6.5. Who wins?

    Also, I hear that Verizon might be picking up the Nexus One. This would be good for me on the CDMA aspect, but I don't like the looks near as much as the HD2.

    Is there any way I can get an Evo or an HD2 on a CDMA carrier? Should I switch to T-Mobile or Sprint regardless of this? I don't really know first-hand how bad the area coverage is from these companies.

    There are just so many pros and cons...what should I do? Is there any way I can get exactly what I want? An HD2 or an Evo on a CDMA network? Is there something else I should look at? Considering HTC is adding a new phone every month almost...

    Who wins the HD2 vs. Evo battle? I know this is a lot of questions, but I'd appreciate any responses.

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    Re: So Many Phones! What Should I Choose? Evo vs. HD2 vs. Nexus One vs. Touch Pro2...

    Theres Nothing to beat the Evo
    not even the iPhone
    see You tube Videos
    But I hope they come out with a Evo spec phone for WM7
    Lord Vader
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