Dear All,

I am planning to buy a Smart Phone, when I say smart phone I mean like really a technologically advanced phone which is currently in the Market. which is not just restricted to Applications and Music. I am looking out for like a complete phone,Maybe a P.C substitute kind of thing(Mobile Computing). Which has the best operating system, Good Internet surfing capabilities, Good Emailing options like a Qwerty Keypad (Must).So I am looking out for like a complete phone, Versatile phone, Great in Multi-Tasking.

Between the Nokia N900, Motorola-Droid and Sony Erriccson Xperia X10. Which one should I go for? Great Screen, Fantastic Display to watch Movies , Videos is also one must requirement that I have.

Who should buy which phone ? is there like a classification that can be done after understanding someone’s requirement. I am kind of keen to buy between N900 and Xperia X10 but am confused…anyone to the rescue…

I am not so much in to Android…Android... as people are harping about these days. For me Android or Maemo it is gonna be a new experience a first time thing. So I will have equal emmotions for both of them till I use it. Can you guys please suggest out of these three.

One More thing I wanna think beyond the iphone for gods sake

Thanks in Advance !

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