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    Hey everyone, I've been using a really old phone and it is time to get a new one.

    What I would like in a phone
    -Awesome Texting: Full keyboard would be nice, but would consider other alternatives
    -Play Music: I would like to not have to carry my 2gb nano around. I usually use it to listen to Podcasts in Spanish, and listen to music of course.
    -Translator - I guess any phone with apps would work as well. It would be nice to be able to whip out my phone and translate words I don't know.
    -T-Mobile compatibility

    I am going to Chile this Summer and living there for 7 weeks. I have no idea how to make a phone work internationally, and so I am not sure if I need to buy an international phone or not. I could go without phone service for that period, but hey, if a phone can somehow do that, that would be even better.

    I also have a Mac, if that makes a difference. I don't have a Gmail account but wouldn't mind creating one.

    I am using T-Mobile, and I am due to be able to upgrade my account too and get a discount on new phones that way.

    Ive used the iPhone before, and to be honest I loved the thing. However, they are pretty expensive, and I want to look at other phones that are probably better anyways.

    Any ideas? Anyone with a similar situation to mine?


    EDIT: Also, I would like it to have the capability to text in other languages (mainly just the Spanish accent marks, but maybe chinese for future plans)

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