I own a LG ice cream right now starting to get bored of flip phones. I used iphone, not planning to get one especially I don't want to sign up for data plan. I live in Canada.

Priority List:
HTC Touch-Diamond 2 - Only thing I'm worried about is the lagginess I hear about HTC phones

Xperia X10 - Waiting for a good price on craigslist around $450 and i'll get it, but is it really worth $450 big dollars is a big question to me.

N97 - Heard its really bad so off my list

Blackberries - never liked it

G1 - the gf has it, its so freaking huge.. not my taste.

Are any of the samsung phones any good?

Bottom line, I want a sleek phone like htc Touch-Diamond 2 but has to have strong wifi connection, bluetooth. Price... around $300-$400 mark for used one.

Please give me some ideas THANK YOU !!!

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