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    Hello people. A friend of mine just sent me the information below.
    It is about a new prepaid cell phone company that launches on middle of May.
    Let`s see what is going on.

    The leading product offering is PeoplezWireless - Pre-paid unlimited nation-wide

    • Investors sought out the company – they came to the Founder
    • Well funded - $10 Million (most new company’s start-up with 2 to 5 Million)
    • The Corporate Office is in Charlotte, NC / Another Office is in Dallas, TX
    • BLASTOFF is on May 14th and 15t in Raleigh, NC.

    Plan of action is two fold:

    1. Give the people what they want:

    No Contracts / No Credit Checks / No Deposits / No Roaming
    Unlimited local and long distance / Unlimited texting / Unlimited data
    Your choice of major carriers: Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile
    Top of the line equipment / cutting-edge technology
    Digital VOIP Phone Service / Streaming video anywhere in the world
    Business & Residential service (up to 1500 lines)
    IP Phones / Smart Phones / Social networks via cell phones – new culture
    Video Phone - $269.99 useable anywhere in the world / clear as HDTV
    International calling package to 35+ countries
    IVR – Interactive Voice Response (manage ingoing & outgoing calls)
    Covert text to voice & responds by voice, reads your email out loud
    Would you like to have a mobile phone bill with NO “gotcha” surprise fees?

    Anyone and everyone can be your customer in this nationwide phone service.

    2. Give the people income opportunities:

    • Safe and ethical — no large investment
    • Achievable for the average person / Simple / Straight forward
    • Attainable incomes: $1,000 per month / $10,000 per month
    • Immediate income — make money your first month
    • Residual income — make money for the rest of your life

    If anyone wants some information about this company just PM me.


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    Re: New Prepaid Cell Phone Company

    So there is another new service that was launched yesterday that allows people anywhere in the world to purchase minutes for prepaid mobile phone users in Mexico.

    Are sites like this easier to use than actually going to the store to load minutes? A lot of people in the US have data plans, but a lot of people in Mexico still prepay. I think it's interesting.

    Anyway, check it out - it's by Vesta it's called Prepaid dot com

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