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    Many smartphones have pre-installed apps on them that some are used and some just go to waste. Windows Phone 7 have reduced what they call crapware in their phones to prevent the slow and draggy situations of the phone.

    Microsoft has set some restrictions when it comes to these pre-loaded apps thanks to some complaints made by customers. The apps circled in red are the ones that will be reduced and Microsoft has provided the following new restrictions:

    - Maximum of 6 preloaded applications on the device, not to exceed 60MB
    - All preloaded apps must pass Marketplace submission process (some extended APIs are available to OEM/MO so the process is slightly relaxed in that regard)
    - The application(s) and all future updates must be free of charge.
    - The apps must launch without dependency on network availability.
    - The apps must persist through a “hard reset”.
    - The apps must be updatable and revocable (!!!!) through the Marketplace.
    - The apps must notify the user at first launch of any capabilities to be utilized and get user consent (to access compass, accelerometer, network, etc.)

    via: Windows Phone 7 Devices Won't Have Crapware

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