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    Hi there I dont currently have a cell but I would like to get one and I was hoping you could recommend one to me. I tried looking through phones i thought i would want but there are too many. I know what matters to me so Ill just tell you and hope for the best. Also im not cheap but not made of money... i was expecting ~100$

    1) Firstly, I would like my phone to be small but still have decent typing, I dont know if I need a full qwerty or not, the pearl seems like a good size. Im a bike commuter and space is at a premium but I hate texting on bad phones.

    2) I would like good reception, my girlfriends phone has bad reception in buildings and its annoying, but that might be due to carrier? I also understand that this is related to brain frying power so maybe something in between brain frying and bad reception would be good.

    3) I would like to use it as a music player, so if it had a decent media interface that would be nice and decent sized memory slot, like microSD

    4) I think I would like GPS as well but i dont care about data.

    5) I would like a cheap plan, i guess i could bundle it with my internet, and maybe home phone. (ie no 100$/month plans)

    6) Something that I can sync the calander and contacts to my home computer would be swell too.

    7) Camera isnt important unless its really amazing (ie good lens, resolution isnt as important as the lens.)

    8) im in Canada is that makes a difference
    THANK YOU for any suggestions!!!

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    Re: recommendations please...I know nothing :S

    What service are you with?

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