I'm looking to replace my current, very old business phone system with a new model. I have tried to research for the systems offering the most features but am having a tough time figuring out which systems, if any, provide the features I need.

Specifically, I need a system with auto-attendant that can be configured to ring phones in a specific order based on the callers choices. (ie. for sales, system hunts in order of 1,2,3 but for service, system hunts in order of 3,2,1) In other words, I have personel who are very good at sales but can also do customer service and also have personel who are very good at customer service but can also do sales. I want to route calls to the best people without having to dedicate any individual exclusively to one department.

I also want the auto-attendant to have the capability to transfer to outside phone numbers.

Lastly, I also need voice-mail capability and night attendant.

I'm aware that many do these things, but which is the best?

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