Yes, , that's ATT advice I'm hoping some of you cell phone know it alls have some suggestions . I'm totally out of my contract with them and was thinking of going over to Sprint and their $70/month unlimited data and voice plan . I know this is only for cell phone to cell phone but it's ok . So I called ATT and selected the close my account option . Long story short they offered me 1000 minutes/month and the data plan for $70 but I'd be losing an extra line (my 80 yr old mothers) which is seldom used . I was thinking of putting her on to a prepaid phone anyway so this really isn't an issue with me . So does this sound like a decent deal or , or they just pulling a bait and switch on me ? I'd also like to get a new number and I'm wondering if I can coax that out of them under the threat of leaving them .
I'm also wanting to go up to a smart phone such as iphone but I can't say that I really like them much . I'd really like to have the Nexus One but there' s no way I'll pay full price for it . I just don't really see many phones ATT has that I like . I make most of my calls on speakerphone and the HTC phone they offer has a horrible one . All advice appreciated

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