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    Cell Phone
    BlackBerry Bold 9700
    -- Select One --
    I am afraid I am nervous, and "all over the place" about my choice

    Here is a copied post i posted, I hope it suffices, if not, please let me know
    If it needs or needed to be in a certain format, like what are my needs, I am basically looking for what is "generally considered" the best Touch screen, within Tmo, or at least gsm unlocked:

    Here you go:

    1. I am moving from a Blackberry because It is time for me to get a better browsing experience (I hope you see this Research in Motion)

    I want a nice touch screen smartphone. I was told by one or two, espec if I shake, for my first touch screen, get a phone with a keyboard. I am not sure if that is necessary. I played on the iPhone and ATT said I did quite well.

    Do you recommend I get a keyboard definitely OR is it not necessary.
    It is Ironic that the ones with the KEYBOARD have the better Haptic screens than the Glass, but the Glass ones are larger, thus a keyboard is not needed. Can you expound on that

    2. I can't decide on these 4 phones I believe from my reading, Cnet reviews and others, that these 4 phones are the best T-Mobile has, with one of them coming from Sprint

    Would you recommend

    1. Motorola Cliq....was my first choice, ,then I felt, it was somewhat stable, but not totally solid. The screen is quite small compared to others YET you do get the Haptic screen AND keyboard

    2. HTC HD2 I then moved to this phone, where Cnet says it is AT THIS TIME, Tmobiles best touch screen. For me it does NOT have the keyboard. It is not quite big, but rather HUGE. The biggest downfall, which I hear HTC takes care of TO SOME degree is that it has Windows OS

    3. HTC My Touch 3G Slide...When I went in to the store they said that they would get the HD2 out of those 2, but above all, they would wait for this. This has everything the Cliq has, but is a better browser with Flash, I felt the phone, it is SOLID, and beautiful screen

    LASTLY, IF I LIKED or YOU RECOMMENDED #2, The HD2, but didn't want it because of Windows OS I could switch to Sprint (my account is approved, free, and waiting) and get...

    4. HTC EVO 4G. Basically the same as the HD2 with Video calling, 8 mp camera, etc

    Can anyone help. It TRULY would be a big deal to switch to Sprint, and I don't think I want to, UNLESS you suggest that that phone will be an unbelievable experience that will make my days filled with so much fun

    Your input is appreciated

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    Re: This will be my first touch screen, Help? Please


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