I have a Nokia n82, and I love the GPS and the camera, but I'm simply doing to much texting to keep using it. I'm looking for a new phone, and I want something with either a fully qwerty keyboard or a capacitive touchscreen (I hate resistive touchscreens).

I want at camera with auto focus and at least 3 MP. I'd love a xenon flash, but it's not necessary, but I do want at least an LED "flash".

I also need GPS. There is one catch - I don't have a data plan and am not going to be getting one anytime soon, so I need a phone that comes with built-in maps.

I want an affordable phone and I can't pay much more than (at most) $400, which I know pretty much means I'm limited to phones released in 2009 or earlier. I use T-Mobile, so I need a GSM phone.

Both the Nokia x6 16 GB and the Nokia 7530 meet my needs, and I love the free ovi maps. However, I'm checking to see if there is something I'm missing. I'm prefectly willing to use either Android or Windows Mobile.

What do people here suggest?

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